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Who’s Meghylost


I’m Meryem, but I go by “Meghylost” mainly because I often feel lost in life. I’m a 27-year-old who’s still trying to find my way in this world. Despite feeling uncertain at times, I embrace the journey and look forward to exploring new opportunities and experiences along the way. I live in Casablanca, and I’m passionate about food and football. When I was younger, traveling was something I did mainly with my family. We would go on holidays, and watch my favorite football team play outside of Casablanca. However, my travel style evolved over time, especially when I started noticing young people carrying backpacks and reading travel blogs.

15 Aug 2017 – Sidi Mbarek Essaouira

In my family, we always preferred to go to non touristy places, Which helped me develop an interest in backpacking. As a result, I started doing more research and planning my trips on my own, discovering new places and exploring different cultures. I’ve found that backpacking allows me to see a destination from a different perspective and connect with locals in a more meaningful way. So, now I’m always looking for new adventures and new places to explore

25 Sep 2019 – Nkob

The crazy traffic in my city made me opt for cycling, and I decided to use a bike as my primary mode of transportation for getting to work and meeting friends. Unfortunately, my first bike was stolen, but this setback did not stop me. Instead, I purchased a VTT and started cycling through the forest. I soon discovered my love for cycling and realized that I wanted to combine my love for the mountains with my new passion for cycling.

15 Sep 2020 – Tisdrine Boumalne Dades

As a mountain lover, I’ve always dreamed of hiking the highest mountains in the world, including Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. I wanted to experience Africa in a unique way and decided to cycle all the way to the mountain, explore Africa along the way, and then climb the highest peak on the continent. This adventure would allow me to push my limits and fulfill my dream of exploring new places while cycling through beautiful landscapes.

As an African Moroccan girl with a heart full of adventure, I started my solo travels by hiking and hitchhiking around Morocco. Over the course of seven years, I climbed all the 4000m peaks in Morocco

High Atlas Mountains / 2017 – 2021

and took wild trips through the Atlas Mountains, where I developed my love of adventure. Through my travels, I learned about humanity and witnessed firsthand how kind and friendly people can be, even in difficult living conditions.

Before embarking on my journey around Africa, I decided to explore as much of my own country as possible. I traveled to many regions, including crossing the desert to Merzouga with a nomad and camels

Somewhere in desert – 22 Dec 2021

covering 500 Km across the High Atlas Mountains with my friend Hind, passing through remote villages, meeting locals, and sharing food with people on the way. We even climbed the highest mountain in North Africa Toubkal via an alternative route, carrying heavy backpacks and without a guide.

Hight Atlas Mountains – June 2022

I also cycled alone around Morocco, going from the north to the east, south, and west. These experiences helped me step out of my comfort zone and prepare my selffor the dream trip I had planning for so long exploring Africa on a bike.

Aoukerda Anti Atlas – Jan 2022

During my travels, I met many strong Atlas women who worked incredibly hard despite challenging circumstances. These women took care of their children, performed household cleaning, and even gathered firewood from the forest. In villages without running water, they had to fetch it themselves. Their perseverance and hard work were inspirational to me, motivating me to pursue my own dreams. These women are the unsung heroes of our country, and they inspire me to explore other African countries and learn about the strong women who contribute to the beauty of this continent, affectionately referred to as “Mama Africa.”

TIghmi – Jan 2021



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